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There once was a man whom name I cannot know,
An average lonely man who lived not long ago.
But those who heard the story can tell you very quick-
The unfamiliar creature- he was a little sick.

On his sixth birthday party,
The young boy laughed with joy.
But when the big cake was brought in
The guests had nothing else to think-
The boy was so exited that he fell.
And on the floor they saw him lay
His eyes was closed, he slept away.
His mother said with anxiousness:” This ends our party.”

So harmlessly the years have passed
And when he finished school at last
They saw him falling on the floor
When has been told that school’s no more.

By blocking the emotions he never could retain.
The man was never smiling.
“I’ll never fall asleep again.”
But when a girl had reached his hand and kissed his frightening lips,
He could not stand it like he tried
It was a “dreamy” bliss.

Then off he went a dusty road with pitiful disgust.
He cannot live his normal life
“When it will end at last?”
So once a quite morning,  
And through the window glass
He slept from the excitement that he fell so fast.
A sad poem I spontaniously wrote about a narcoleptic person.
For those who don't know- narcolepsia is a sleeping disease which is very rare among people, more common among dogs. The thing is- the narcoleptic falls asleep when exited for two minutes or so. It can happen moment after moment from hapiness or any psycological feeling which causes a worrying reaction in the body [or something like that].
Hope you enjoy, cause I really like it!
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April 2, 2008
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